Day 2 - 4/27/2022#

  • Dockerized and deployed to cloud

  • Improved image endpoints

  • (Working) Trying to serve zarr that is dynamically chunked

  • Improved documentation and use-cases

  • General code improvements and decoupling

Day 1 - 4/26/2022#

  • Alex: OGC EDR API implementation for point data using xpublish

  • James: Pangeo Forge script for converting GFS-WAVE from GRIB to zarr

  • Matt: Wrote endpoint to return image tile from xarray

  • Max: Tested n-d pyramid of GFS-WAVE

  • Jonathan: created Dockerfile and updated AWS permissions

Goals for Tomorrow:#

  • Work with n-d pyramid team for faster tiling data

  • Convert more data in the cloud